Bringing the Farm ... With a Twist

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Year started: 2019


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Jen Carpenter is an eighteen year old girl, a former senior who got kicked from high school on a technicality. But while home alone, she's reading and planning to write her own stories ― maybe even flirting with subtle plagiarism ― and flirting with playing with herself too. All of a sudden, she's whisked away from her unabashed copy-past-edit process of attempting to make her own story ― to be face to face with a genuine deity.
Citing her likelihood of plagiarising an existing novel series, he condemns her to take the place of the certainly male character in her rewrite ― taking on her rewrites, and his rewrites on top of hers, just to make it interesting ― to which she protests with whatever strength to do so she has remaining. Not that it would do her any good; this deity is certain she will adapt or die; either way is fine with him, really.
This deity also has a side bet with another deity, a goddess who might expend some effort to help Jen's way along this new story/life go well ... for her bet to win. Not that it's an overpowering sort of help; but the goddess who was the god's former trainer would naturally want to show her supremacy to the upstart god.
Jen is frustrated by being caught in the middle of all that. But in her attempt to follow this story she is living inside to its conclusion, she'll have to deal with her own new biological drives as a male (while still thinking herself female), and deal with the basic necessities of day to day survival. Can she do it? And will she indeed get a Farm Space like the previous character did-

This is partially a fan fiction, and secondarily a retrofit of a concept which needed to be altered and in some sense spoofed for all its worth. A core difference (of which many do exist): this MC is a female put into a male character's place against her will, so expect some gender-flipped identity issues (and squick) from all which might come from it. Plus, this is a lot more varied ― breaking away from the parent fiction's path after arrival in the Black Wastes and finding out what the situation truly is. Like a whole new story after the first half dozen chapters, essentially. The 'plagiarism' angle is subverted in this novel because she knows the trope, calls it out, and tries to avert it ... sometimes even with success. Much of this fiction's world is adapted to be less wuxia/xianxia and more general medieval fantasy isekai. Clan and sect organization or philosophies might factor in, but not to an overwhelming state.


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