When the Lilyflower blooms...

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When the Lilyflower blooms...
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Author: Linodo
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 55
Language: English
Year started: 2019


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 9744
Rank by popularity: 3795
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In a modern world where magic and status boards exist, twenty-three-year-old S-Class Archmagus Aria Saciustrum found herself in the morbid situation of joining her country’s own Dungeon Dive expedition. A researcher at heart, Aria didn’t like the idea of slogging away in the dirty depths of the petrifying dungeons that spawned all over the world.

However, her scientific mind trumped her own feelings, and she forced herself to join her country’s first S-Class Dungeon Dive. The allure of finding a treasure or a discovery that could shake the foundations of human society was too enticing to just walk away.

So… Aria dived deep into the Dungeon, alongside her friend the S-Class Healer Yvette, and yes, her efforts had paid off. The S-Class party did manage to find a groundbreaking discovery. One that would shake the foundations of the world and would haunt the nightmares of everyone living on Planet Earth.

Just… It wasn’t what Aria had hoped for...


Hi there! Linodo here. I’m just trying out a new story while I continue to write my main series, Spirit Immortal. The releases for this story would be a little less regular, by that I mean, there will be no schedule for this series. So yeah, nothing much to say here. Enjoy~


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