The Original Sin

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The Original Sin
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Status: Ongoing
Releases: 22
Language: English
Year started: 2019


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All of her life, Maria has been sure of three things.
1.) The One True Lord God will protect and guide her thought all of the trials of life.
2.) Vampires are soulless husks of their former selves, little more than animated bodies feeding off the living.
3.) It's her job as a servant of God to rid the Earth of them.

    When her compound sends her on an entry level mission to infiltrate the Mircalla Coven and collect enough evidence to arrest them for feeding on humans, she is confident her pure heart and humble spirit will guide her to complete it. 
   But when she starts to spend time with the Coven, she starts to feel doubts creep into her mind. What if everything she's ever been taught is wrong? 
  Her doubts are only exasperated by Carmem Mircalla, a former member of her church, and a broody rebel who seems to have a few secrets of her own.  
  Will the knowledge of the world outside of her compound drive her back to the safety of its walls? Or will she finally taste the forbidden fruit?


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