Dungeon Engineer

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Dungeon Engineer
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Author: Hoophy97
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 49
Language: English
Year started: 2019


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Rank by rating: 9728
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Ike is a hobbyist clockmaker and former aerospace engineer enjoying his retirement on a habitat station orbiting Saturn. Unfortunately, his hard-earned peace was disturbed by a rapid decompression event and his resulting death.
Contrary to his expectations, Ike found himself reincarnated as a handicapped supposedly-man-eating dungeon core in a fantastic world of wonder, magic, dragons, and wizards! Faced with a luckless start in this hostile new world, Ike will have to employ his new-found near-perfect recall of his past life experiences along with ingenuity to survive and manifest his ambitions while struggling with morality.
Warning: If you're not interested in hearing about the life cycle of a fungus gnat, kinematic physics, or fundamental hydraulics, this story probably isn't for you. I'm writing this for myself, naturally it's a reflection of my own interests. But that doesn't mean that your interests can't also become my own, I welcome all suggestions and ideas and will shamelessly use them in my story. All in all, this is going to be a roadtrip through Wikipedia, if you're like me and that excites you, then I highly suggest you bring a good search engine along for the ride! I might not explicitly explain references like "Elephant Hawk-Moths," or "Penicillium Mold," but by golly, looking them up may be fun!
P.S. That “Space Opera” tag isn’t there for nothing. 😉


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