Kingdoms: The Game of Feuds and Feudalism

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Kingdoms: The Game of Feuds and Feudalism
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Author: Lady Freya
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 3
Language: English
Year started: 2019


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 9708
Rank by popularity: 14846
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This is a story where everyone can write thier own story as well.It's reader interactive and will make an interesting book at the end.
In this story, you are the main lead Lady/Lord (Chose a name). Your from the mainlands and you are trying to settledown your house and make a living. There are many trials on your way, can you make them all or die trying? Can you get the crown or bow your head? Will you find a road of happiness with someone else or live a lonely life?
Status: [Accepting ]
Houses: House Le’dan (Kadin), House Claric (Kadin), House Solarus (Kadin), House Valero (Anatolia), House Hanski (Anatolia), House Salvor (Kadin), House Sycten (Kadin)

The Game of Feuds and Feudalism!
Create a House, build your settlement, forge alliances or tear down your enemies! Indulge in open stories and enjoy a world ripe for the taking, it’s all up to you!

RULESX Don’t double post ActionsX Don’t Post until I have accepted your Sign-upX New Houses get 3 Posts of Peace (no threats)X I guarantee 100% this is all randomly generated, I DO NOT favour anyone, the luck is all on the dice.

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