# The Gemstone of Ominium 2 - Pain

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# The Gemstone of Ominium 2 - Pain
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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2019


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Her unfazed expression didn’t even waver when the blade of her thin sword pierced one of the men all the way through armor, flesh and bone, a gurgling sound bubbling from his throat. With a kick she mercilessly pushed him back, freeing her blade, and glanced down at his dead body sprawled at her feet, confirming that death had indeed taken him. Stepping over the dead man’s body as if it were a mere pebble on her path, she raised her head just in time to see her second attacker lunge at her and, nimbly turning on her heels, she slit his throat. A spray of hot, sticky blood hit her left cheek and slid down her neck, but she didn’t even blink. The scent of the fresh blood filled her nostrils and her brain like an inebriating drug and she stepped forward once again, lightly turning to one side to avoid being decapitated and quickly returning the favor. One by one the men kept falling as she advanced, victims of her lethal, almost mechanical movements, as if she’d been born with a sword in hand and ready to kill … This is a direct continuation of Book 1 - Denial. You CANNOT start reading Book 2 without reading Book 1, since the story won't make any sense! Enjoy ^_^


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