Neziah, The Glyph Born Lich

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Author: Ela
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 30
Language: English
Year started: 2017


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 933
Rank by popularity: 1817
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Warning: Adult/Dark/Gore/Questionable Morals

Neziah, lich, Glyph Crafter, Conqurer. Her tale is a sordid one, and starts at her first death, the death of her old self, of her weakness. Filled with self loathing and a desire for more, Rose, the weakest of the Guild within the empire set out with her alchemy and her lore books to find the old Glyphs, to find the Tomb of The Foremost and their secret. She found it, and it contained more than she bargained for. Killed for her troubles, brought back for her sucess, she remade herself, in an image she can now truly live with. As one of the powerful, now she begins her true task, her desire.

To bring low the Guild, and the Empire itself, to reveal to those within it the sordid, rotting corruption she lived with and suffered from.

Little Rose is dead, wilted in the cold power that floods her now. Neziah is all that remains.

They will learn, they will know the truth, they have been judged, and found wanting. This is Neziah's story, this is Rose's story, and the story of all those in the Empire who rise with her.

The Empress is here, Long Live the Empress. Long Live Neziah.


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