I Was Transported to my Own Game's World!

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Author: overfriended
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 13
Language: English
Year started: 2019


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Jacob was your ordinary successful game developer, being the developer of the most popular MMORPG out there. It had the best graphics, the best story, and more. But one day, he was sucked into his own world after being stabbed in the chest by a robber. He tests the waters and tries to use his admin panel to see if it worked, and it did! With this, he created a new body with no memories except those that were important to survival, with a little extra boost.
In this world, the prodigy child Kas of the ex-noble family Ravenwood sets out to become the best adventurer!
Author's Note: Please leave corrections or tips in the comments. I strive for 1,000 words at the very least. Also, this does not take place in a game, but the game's world, so there are no players, only the NPC's who have actual wills.
Kas is basically God but he doesn't know it, and most likely will never have access to the admin panel because you need the password. Who knows though, he might get it one day with limitations!


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