Lost Lume: Project Rosaria

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Author: Forest MT
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 4
Language: English
Year started: 2019


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We, Terrian, had found special ability in us, some of us to be exact. The power of clairvoyant. We used this ability to looked for the world that had living beings. We found some. All of them gave us new knowledges and insights to improve our technologies and our way of life. We had peace for a very long time. Until we looked at the last world that we found for the first time. Then everything start to crumbling down
We never knew that our abilitiy could be two ways. That was the start of our worst nightmare. We were too late to noticed it. The war broke out. Families and friends started killing each other. Whatever little hatred, jealousy and envy that we had, no matter how little that was, it start growing, bigger and bigger. Until we couldn't hold those emotions anymore. Only some of us could hold those emotions down.
We saw our end coming near. But we couldn't stay hidden and did nothing. We planned and put everything we learnt into our last project, Project Rosaria.
Our story was already ended. Now it will be the start of their story, the Rosaria.

Author's note: My first story. This is intended to be past of a character from the MAIN story which still in infant state and I can't start writing it yet. English is not my main language. I has been reading japanese novel through google-trans which may make a mess in my writing, Please point them out if you find them. Reviews and Comments will help me a lot.


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