Senkumo War Stories III: Book of Betrayal Part 2

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Senkumo War Stories III: Book of Betrayal Part 2
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Author: Tonbogiri
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 51
Language: English
Year started: 2019


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Everything is revealed here. All of the truths, all of the lies. Motives and allegiances are laid bare. Friends separate from traitors.
Tsukiakari and the Senkumo clan steel themselves to bring an end to Izanami's investigation, dispell the phantoms haunting them, and reach the end of the Warring States period as a soveriegn, stratocratic state. The last of Tsukiakari's enemies stand in her way. The Man in Black, The Phantom Maiden, The Phantom Soldier, and enemies yet to be seen by the Senkumo. However, Tsukiakari isn't the only one moving to tie up all of the loose ends. Bishamon, Izanami, Amaterasu, all of them are determined to bring an end to the Warring States era, and all of them have completely different ideas on how to do it.
The clash of wills, swords, and ideologies lead the way to the destruction of the Senkumo clan, and the betrayal that was responsible for it. Good men, women, and children met their demise, dying along with the Senkumo name. For someone within their walls, all of it went exactly as they planned.
And so begins the final part of Book of Betrayal, a record of the final years of the Senkumo clan


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