Divisia: Legend of the Crystal Borne: Book One: Wielders of Lightning

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Divisia: Legend of the Crystal Borne: Book One: Wielders of Lightning
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Status: Ongoing
Releases: 17
Language: English
Year started: 2019


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Blurb: In the aftermath of a devastating conflict between an empire and a coastal nation to the south, a king is killed before his subjects, a people are broken, and the only heir left to rally them is lost at sea. Years pass, the countryside burns as people known as Crystal Borne are hunted down like dogs and sent away. Meanwhile, a prince grows amongst whores, thieves, and renegades, and pirate gangs wage war for dominance in salted islands to the East. Will a prince discover his role in a story not of his choosing? Or will a Kingdom be doomed to crumble into the pages of history?

The CalendarMonth of Beginnings: 24 daysWhen all things start anewMonth of Song: 24 daysWhen birds fly, and sing their songsMonth of Heart: 24 daysWhen Man finds love before the Summer’s heatMonth of Rain: 24 daysWhen Galryn brings water to the landMonth of Sun: 24 daysWhen Solan’s hand does burn away the sinMonth of Harvest: 24 daysWhen Hileen blesses the crops of the fieldMonth of Storms: 24 daysWhen the god of no name fights for dominion of the seaMonth of Giving: 24 daysWhen man finds generosity before the Winter’s biteMonth of Cold: 23 daysWhen ice and darkness rule the land



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