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Author: DiamonFTW
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 6
Language: English
Year started: 2019


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Right, about all of these OneShots. A majority of them will end open ended, why? Because questions are amazing and I wish people would have a discussion of what happened at the end. I like that kind of stuff. Some of these OneShots I might actually make into an actual webnovel, or something, but that's up to me.
OneShot #1: A murderer. A vengeful spirit. Who is in the right? Does it matter? The world isn't black and white afterall...
Oneshot #2: What happens to people when they die? Do they simply disappear? Or do they go somewhere such as heaven? Or are they reincarnated? Or does everyone go to hell? Find out in the world of Historia.
Oneshot #3: Sometimes the world changes, sometimes you curse the world for changing. The problem is, though, when world decides to curse you for cursing it. Of course, getting the World's attention isn't all that bad, really. So this is a new story concept I had, tell me if you guys like it, I'll make it a novel or whatever when I have the time.
OneShot#4: Some stories are real, some stories were made with a powerful meaning behind it. Then what of the past. What stories do those who have gone through hard times tell?
OneShot#5: Just a simple farmer and an exciting day.



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