Blood of the Past

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Blood of the Past
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Status: Ongoing
Releases: 13
Language: English
Year started: 2019


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He awoke in a startled rush feeling as though it had been centuries since last he had opened his eyes, but alas, it had. His thoughts returned and he heard the screaming of his people and the great pain from the burning fires set against them. he was shunned and and outcast along with the rest of his people, and the wars, te terrible wars fought because they could not understand. The Humans could not understand and would not understand him and his peoples true nature. He stood, his strength returning to him, as he did so dust that had gathered on him fell to the floor. He looked around the cave which he hid in all those centuries ago and he found the way out. He made his way towards it, wanting to see the same as which he had when he entered, wilderness. He made it to the mouth of the cave and found it to be near midday, and he saw naught but wilderness. Save a lone tower far in the distance clearly overgrown and abandoned. His blood boiled as he stepped into the light and the harsh reality of him and his people rushed back into his mind. He would wait for night, and then he would move.


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