The Blood Wolf

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The Blood Wolf
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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2019


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My heart sped up. My palms became sweaty. His locks of hair peeked through from under his jet black beanie. His lips parted.
“Kiss me.”
Welcome to the supernatural life of an unsuspecting teenage girl. A girl who had a normal teenage life. Nothing in life is truly planned out. Catastrophe struck into her life like lightning. This story proves lightning does strike the same place twice, when this girl discovers the remarkable and devastating, yet fairy tale-like life she could have had. Will she accept it? The people she trusted most, lied. Her family lied. Being the curious teenager Chyenne Chambers was, she investigated. When she discovers the truth she is surprised. How will she take it? On a journey, seeking the truth, seeking her past. A past, so dangerous it was buried. Will it accept her? Her past too holds secrets from her, secrets of her true identity.
When the time comes, to tell the truth… Can she accept it, believe and move on or will she fight, hide and try to escape it? She isn’t all that innocent as she portrays to be; she too has secrets, more gruesome than you could ever imagine. What happens when it breaks free from its cage? Here awaits the story with many twist and turns. This story will make you laugh, smile, cry and become curious with every mystery that comes to life. Is this your fate?


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