The Land Of Zero

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Author: EnzoBit
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 2
Language: English
Year started: 2019


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 9489
Rank by popularity: 31152
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Earth is just one of many planets that have sentient life. The universe is vast, innumerable amounts of planets take up the vast void that is space. However, there is a place where all these sentient life forms come together just to survive. A ruthless, merciless place, 'The Land Of Zero'. Within 'The Land Of Zero', there is the existence of gods and extremely strong beings.
Although 'gods' exist, there are three celestial beings. God, the ruler of all. Lucifer, the ruler of hell. Finally, Jack, a human boy chosen by God to become 'The Judge', an existence who judges all life when they're finally greeted by death. However, when humanity is sent to 'The Land Of Zero', Jack decides to descend to 'Zero' to protect his race.

Jack used to be human, now with the chance to join his race again, will he meet old faces? Will he befriend other races? Could anyone possibly recognise him?

So, this is just a little idea I want to play around with. I have no clue where it might go, but it seems fun for now. Chapters will be random as of right now due to exams, however, if I'm still up to it, I'll continue during the summer holidays!


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