Guardians of Times to be

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Author: Daneom
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 9
Language: English
Year started: 2017


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Humans reached the stars.
We reached, we went out and still we had problems. Some of us moved to planets like Earth. Some went to the far corners of what we could reach to get away from the rest of us. Others went in search of new challenges. Other went to isolate themselves with the few ideologies that seem to have stuck arond no matter what the human race did.
we didnt find anyone out there. we found evidence of ones that were or maybe are around. But no one that wanted to chat. and so, we did what we humans seem to do best when we finish uniting behind an idea. We went to war. Some of us worked to change that. We did. for the better? who knows. It was the best solution we found. It was one that was debated back within the annuals of history, right from the start of when we realised what technology could do. But it was the only one we could do. and so. here we are. no longer living. no longer actually what we were. but still with limits. However, what we created didnt have limits. and all we could do, was one thing we remembered from our old lives.
Here is the story of Mankind. After the fall. Before the end. But, maybe, with a new beginning? One that still included the the races of mankind, in all its entirety? Perhaps. but much changed.
This is the story of a man who became. a man from the future we created. Who met what we created. That could hopefully find common ground. Who could hopefully create a new way.


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