A Good Bargain

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A Good Bargain
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Author: MarcoM
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 11
Language: English
Year started: 2017


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 907
Rank by popularity: 4664
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Warren, A 34 - year old stock market trader, lived a life of riches until he's coerced into doing actions that would look good even in a 'Wolf of Wall Street' movie. As the market crashes on a faithful day in 2008, his action comes to light. His superiors make him take the fall using their financial powers. He finds himself with little to no money, disgraced and hated by the populace. He dies saving a young woman from being hit by a freight truck, pushing her out of the way whilst leaping thinking at least he'd saved a single life after everything that has befallen him.

Yaksa is a god of a different world and is in dire need of souls to balance the yin and yang on his planet. His search for souls with extreme yang brings him to ask other gods for cooperation. This is how he finds our MC. He takes pity on the poor man and gives him a single cheat! In the world, he has reincarnated people develop 'gifts' that come from their desires and experiences. The cheat he gains is a 'gift' that will develop from his first life on earth! As a former stockbroker that learned how much money means in life, he gets the gift of Appraisal!

Follow Warren as he starts his life in search of wealth and status in this world of power and magic! Here starts the story of the King of Wealth!

"A good bargain!" - Warren


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