Echoes of Esamir

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Echoes of Esamir
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Author: zdkazz
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 5
Language: English
Year started: 2019


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Faith is an interesting thing, for some, it is a belief, for others a style of life. For Yoseif it was something he lost long ago and slowly found again. But what happened when you get conflicted? When what you believe is challenged? Do you bend shaping your own view, changing it so that it fits your new understanding? Or does it break?
Yoseif is a Knight, landless but still honorable, chivalrous, and a believer in the word, though perhaps not always the church’s interpretations. His faith is challenged when he comes to see Sylvi as a person despite the fact that the church would call her a daemon. When she asks to hire him to escort her back homeland, a land he has only heard whispered legends of he agrees despite his better judgment, fully knowing that should he be caught with her they will both burn in a pyre.
It's a question he will have to ask himself more and more as he travels with her in search of Esamir...

Author’s note: this is a work of fiction set in a fictional world, though it is based on medieval Europe, which was undeniably shaped by religion. I do not intend on preaching whether religion is right or wrong, this is simply a story of a man who is finding his way in the world and coming to his own conclusions. Please don't take offense if his beliefs are different from your own as he is a fictional character and I think he would have a hard time debating with you, what with him being not real and all... Also people might think you were crazy for attempting to do so lol. That being said I hope you all enjoy it! And feedback is welcome and appreciated!


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