Fantasy World Domination

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Fantasy World Domination
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Author: Serallium
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 6
Language: English
Year started: 2019


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 9361
Rank by popularity: 3750
Release frequency: None in past 60 days
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Levin Ganther, an ordinary middle-aged man with no special talents other than handing out flyers, was suddenly transported to another world full of magic and swords after diving into a real-time VR machine that he just wanted to test. Upon arriving in the world, he wasn't met with any beautiful ladies begging for his help nor a scenery that would astound someone who loves reading fantasy novels like him but...
A barren desert.
With an ability that allows Levin Ganther to use the VR game's system. He decided to live out his life in this world and survive as much as possible, albeit the discrepancies around him. With the guns he loved, the machinery that he ached for, the ability to maneuver with inhuman speeds, he will not lose to this world's fate that was laid out for him!

Cover: For now it is just a placeholder, I have requested for a custom cover and it will take a while to pop up.Chapter releases: Within Weekends or sometimes, Weekdays.Frequency: Mostly high, for now.
In regards to Grammar, my first language is not English and I am just starting out on 7th grade this year, so pardon me if some lines are inconvenient to read. Roughly this novel is all about me being ambitious about my skills and wanted to create my own stories since every story with genres of 'Isekais' have horrible 'Chuuni' and 'KAWAII(shit) waifu' tastes on it.
(By I mean stories, I don't mean the stories in this webpage... Well, maybe some...)
(There was actually another novel whose name is 100% similar to my novel's name, but it was more on future with the whole mc's spaceship fleet in another world and was sadly deleted by the author. I did not get my novel's name from it though, I just searched my novel in the google and surprisingly found out there was a duplicate name. Source.)


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