Advent of the Skeleton King

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Advent of the Skeleton King
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Author: DingusMagus
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 10
Language: English
Year started: 2019


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Once, I claimed dominion over vast swathes of land. Thousands of players gathered under the banner of my guild and together, we decimated all who opposed us. But by the time we had become one of the strongest guilds in the world of Essence of Valor Online, the game was slated to shut down. Players around the world logged in one last time for the biggest PvP event of all time.
Within hours, hundreds upon hundreds of cities had become little more than smoldering ruins. Castles that had stood for years finally crumbled beneath relentless assaults. By the time the servers shut off, not a spec of land was untouched by magical fury.
For ten years, I believed EoV would never return. I was right. It didn't return. It brought me to it.
Now, in the lowly body of a skeleton, I must regain my lost power. But I will rise again. Once more I shall lay claim to these lands. But this time, all will serve me.
Willingly...or not.

Updates on Mondays. 1 to 2 chapters depending on if I got the writing bug or not.


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