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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2019


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An old lady named Donna is wizened by age, all of 89 years to be exact; though in her much younger years she turned all the younger boys' heads and hearts. She also was flirty, playful, and at times seductive to get her way.
Now she is ... well, losing her sight, going stir crazy in her little apartment, and then deciding to go driving when she knew she wasn't supposed to; one thing leads to another, and she ... sort of ... died.
She knows nothing of this reincarnation or other worlds or web novels or games or anime; those are alien thoughts to her. So she is going into her new situation completely blind. But at least the entity who claimed her soul for his purpose did so, because in those 89 years of her life, she eventually took up gardening and growing plants.
The entity's domain is a desert of some size, centered in an oasis nexus. She is to be his stand-in or pseudo champion of the desert, while he tends to his own issues of becoming a new trainee demigod; and the other entity who would be at her side is a young teenage boy's soul which gets 'attached' to her, to stand in as a 'help system'.
In their initial meeting, this entity Jerren refreshed her mind and body to look and feel young enough, with a side effect of renewing her old flirty horny nature of her past youthful days. This morale took over, and caused her to flirt with this demigod candidate; but he could only deny her request for her to stay at that youthful appearance and sexual capacity. Now she's subtly pissed off because once she appears in this desert, she'll return to being the same 89 year old grandma, before the day of the auto accident. Plus the teenage boy-soul Donald thinks she's old, wrinkled, and has rotting private bits-
But Jerren offers her a bargain; per week of service in the desert oasis nexus, she will get one year off her age and looks -- plus, for her creative efforts at working in this desert, he may grant her small boons.
Ooh but look, says Jerren, you have a house of your own and it has air conditioning! And you can use these golem helpers too! And also you can upgrade the buildings with your efforts! Build and plant, build and plant!
It is, literally, an offer she cannot refuse ... or would want to. She has it in mind to eventually seduce that demigod ... one way or another. And she cannot do that if she again dies-


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