Status Screen And Monsters Are Exist, But My Class Is XXX? Is There Something Wrong With That?

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Author: koeandicky
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 6
Language: English
Year started: 2019


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At eighteenth years old, Sum Ting Wong is a broke college student who struggles to make ends meet.
It all happened just because Wong stubbornly chooses History as his major, and to make matter worse, he gets B on every subject (well, actually there is one C) at his end of semester report. Hearing that, his overachieving parent furiously disavowed him.
Without a reliable source of income and food in the fridge, Wong only choices are to change his major to his parents choice, which is Medical or Engineering, but that is impossible for his brain. His second option is to go back to his parent house and continues their shop, which doesn't seem too bad?
On the morning after Sum Ting Wong makes a decision and ready to call his parent to ask for some money so he can go home, he sees a mysterious game interface floating in front of his vision, and starts to see the world through the eyes of an RPG player.
Now that Wong knows his real-life stats, he can see they're... average. With 5 pt. Agility, 4 pt. Strength and 6 pt. Intelligence, his most advanced life skill is surprisingly and weirdly enough: Stealth, Running and Animal Handling.
Luckily, real-life stats and skills can be leveled up just like video games. But will it help Wong with his study? Would the system help him filling his fridge? Or become rich? Can Stealth or Animal Handling skill come in handy in real life?
After spending most of his morning thinking and tinkering with his status screen, Sum Ting Wong accidentally opens the [Class] Menu, but can't find any use of Assassin or Pyromancer and something like that. Luckily again, among the eight starting class that's available to him, there is one class that (if he is right) is far more profitable compared to the others.
But how is Wong supposed to deal with this unknown but apparently dangerous force that creeps into his peaceful life with ** as his class?


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