Hero the Locus and the Spirit of Place

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Author: berrybrunne
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 5
Language: English
Year started: 2019


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What’s best in life? For Hero, it had been the joy of creation, to see her work take shape before her, and to bask in the affections of her women. But then she got sick. Terminally.
Consigned to bed against her will, she was kept away from doing what she loved and those she loved. She could only wait for the end, while others kept the intervening time as long and torturous as possible out of pride as the family of a Dying Girl(tm).
Meanwhile, on another world entirely, a renegade blade avenges the death of her lover by freeing the Dungeon (the proper term is ‘locus spirit’) who had for centuries been enslaved by the Empire of Man as foundation of their ‘glory’, used to create lesser dungeons and sustain their Status Index System.
In order to break the bonds, she takes a dagger to the Locus’ core. So that she could do so, the Locus first drains its own strength by producing offspring.
Reaching across worlds, the Locus finds a kindred spirit in Hero, whose soul is then captured and reborn as one of said offspring, bypassing the usual process of reincarnation via destruction and reconstitution.
Finding new life in a new world, Hero decides to live this one to the fullest, whatever the hell that means.

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