Am I The Only One Who Is Not Forced to Migrate Across Worlds....?

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Am I The Only One Who Is Not Forced to Migrate Across Worlds....?
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Author: Red1000r
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 15
Language: English
Year started: 2019


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 9251
Rank by popularity: 3999
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Narrator: it goes. Why do i have to do something so troublesome like writing the synopsis.....Author-san!!...can you please do it for me....looks at Author-san with cute eyes
Me: ......sighs how am supposed to write a web novel with a narrator like u....Anyways!! lets star-
MC: Wait!!!
Me: You are not supposed to appear now!!! Dont ruin my synopsis otherwise....
MC: What otherwise?? Do you think that the awesome me afraid of you? smirks
Me: Shut it otherwise Imma kill you soon.
MC: ... kowtows
Me: Anyways, lets start for real now!! Here's the synopsis:
Hello fellow humans(if the one reading this is not,please forgive me). Its me, Xie,the protagonist .Let me give intro of myself and my situation. Like the title suggest, I am migrate to different worlds . The same sort you see in wuxia/xianxia/isekai etc. However I am a little different. I can migrate whenever I want to and come back whenever I feel. However, I soon got bored and here I am now,a 17 year old "normal" highschool student.
After the beginning of the last year of my highschool, I noticed some unusual things happening around me that should never happen in this world....
Follow me though my adventure as I unveil the mysterious surrounding me......(I am not sure if I can unveil but eh...who cares as long as I sound cool).


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