Depraved Divinity

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Depraved Divinity
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Status: Ongoing
Releases: 21
Language: English
Year started: 2019


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Rough synopsis -
Playthings of beings more powerful than we can imagine, they have grown bored of our false peace and lazy wars, so a new game has begun. The last game. The losers will be eaten, the winners will have their souls ripped from their bodies to serve as slaves for eternity. There is no hope.
If you play games with the devil, your only choice is how to lose.
While some want a quiet end, others want to spit in the eye of the Reaper, laughing all the way to hell. Gwen Morrigan can't stand losing, never has. Johan of Saksa wants to protect his people, even if it kills him. Adeen is determined to laugh to the last and Simon just doesn't want to be eaten alive, or burned, or tortured, or even bleed really... Arlo Barbouri though, wants to win.

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Very loosely inspired by God and Devil World but no harem, no loli, no rape, less tech, more fantasy, a lot more swearing and in a different world with an original litRPG system. Mainly writing practice. Schedule - whenever I feel like it. If people like it I'll carry on.
Genre - LitRPG, Zombie, Apocalypse (hopefully without constant stream of ridiculous decisions) Fantasy


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