The Change: Duality!

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The Change: Duality!
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Author: Gunda Frikks
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 2
Language: English
Year started: 2019


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 9248
Rank by popularity: 15473
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Nothing.Don't mind me.Go on your merry way.Nothing to see here.Just an author trying out some things.Some may become part of a real story later on but for now its just some random thoughts that i would like to put on display here.Why? Because i feel like it and maybe i am a tad bit too lonely for my "apocalictalistic manly" taste? Anyway, don't hope for something great and don't read this shit ok? it's a private public display of my still growing style!
Anyway, the story will be about me ( the author) being overtaken by an overlord badass of galaxy doom and the laws of the universe.
What? You don't know what i mean by " the laws of the universe"?
Well, its just some yadi yada anime trope. Or maybe note? I don't know, as i said its just some random thoughts so some parts could be manga-ish and at other times, cruely down to earth.I just want to feel free and make an interesting story that pleases MY personal taste.
ps: I don't like comments so please be "gentle" and DON'T leave ANY. Thanks ^^
pss: The cover was made by me so i have the copyrights ok? PM if you want something similar. ( i know , i know and shut up! I can read you like a book dear reader^^)


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