Into the Void

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Into the Void
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Author: Winter Daye
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 8
Language: English
Year started: 2019


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 9242
Rank by popularity: 21083
Release frequency: None in past 60 days
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... process login ... ... routing to host-system: Cerberus Station Mainframe ... ... routing ... ... com-buoy 3/28/12/56/ responding ... ... verifying user identity: Ghost of Ji ... ... verifying user passcode: * ... ... entering public HUB ... ... entering Void-Runner HQ / subforum Live-Streams ... ... connecting to livestream: Team Timescale ... ... warning! private stream detected! ... < This stream is set to private. If you proceed your account will be charged 20 Points > < Proceed? Y/N > ... verifying biometrics ... ... success ... ... accessing stream ... “... why we leave Lio back on the ship! Hahahaha! And that’s all, nothing else new to show you guys! The whole team is already locked and loaded! How do you like my new gun? Awesome right? Hokay! We’re now above Berger-Orbital 08135.” “...” “Srsly? Haha! Heyhey! Silver! Look look! When you take the B and the O, and read the rest of the numbers as letters, its name is Boobies!” “Wow... great Elena... are you sure that hit on your helmet last month didn’t leave any lasting damage?” “Grrr~ you’re no fun! And how often do I have to tell you to call me PewPewNurse!” “Yeah... not gonna happen. Now move your ass to your pod! We drop in three.” “Grrrrr~! Pah! All right guys! Time to get real! The stream will stop while we drop, but we’ll be right back on the surface! Are you excited? I am excited! New unexplored dungeon! Time to shoot and loot! We’re going to crack this baby open and you will be right there with us! So stay tuned and remember highest donation get’s a little souvenir as always! So keep them coming! Kisses!” < This Stream is temporarily offline! Estimated time left: 00:04:59 >


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