Heaven Chronicles: Raven rising

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Heaven Chronicles: Raven rising
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Author: Roninek
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 48
Language: English
Year started: 2019


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 9197
Rank by popularity: 1409
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Imagine getting up one day. Moving through the day as usual, when emergency broadcast tells you the world will end in an hour. What would you do?
Peter tried to reach his wife in the slim hope of surviving apocalypse. As he raced through city mysterious message appeared before his eyes. Promising survival, all he had to do was to accept its proposal. Wanting to survive, he did.
Join him as he is transported to a new world of Heaven. World of might and magic, where life is being governed by a mysterious force, that quantify each and everyone into numbers, but promise great strength. Strength to change one’s life and become someone more.
Will Peter survive encounters with creatures he knew only from movies and books? Will he adapt to live of pain and violence? Will he find his loved ones? Will he find new meaning in his life?

Welcome to my first debut story. For years while reading every fantasy book I could get my hands on, I had this carving to write my own story.
A few months ago, I discovered RR and LitRPG genre and finally decided to try my skills at writing. Bellow story is a LitRPG fantasy portal story. I hope you’ll enjoy my work.


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