Koins for Karon

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Status: Ongoing
Releases: 21
Language: English
Year started: 2019


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When Karon the ferryman on the river between the lands of the living and dead fell in love with one of his passengers, he broke protocol. The undying entity left his post to indulge in long forgotten carnal pleasures, and in doing so ripped a hole into the realms outside of his Universe. Though the breach did not last long, it was enough time for the Darkness to leak into his reality.
Bound to his ferry, Karon could do nothing but watch the Darkness spread, corrupting life and giving birth to the Blight. The gods refused to help, rather they applauded him for adding an entertaining element to their never-ending game. So, he gave humanity the Kodices and Koins, in the hopes their power would help the race rectify his mistakes.
As the Darkness slowly works towards consuming the world two motes of light appear to slow its advance, in the form of a Ranger and an Artificer.

Koins for Karon is a combination of two tales, 'The Dryad's Seed' and 'Keeper of the Unwanted'. They're set in the same universe and the same time but are two individual stories with two different protagonists. However, this does not mean the ripple effects of their actions won't affect one another.


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