Velidara Chronicles (rewrite)

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Author: teitoku
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 9
Language: English
Year started: 2019


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This is the much planned rewrite of my first novel, Velidara Chronicles, which some reviewers had panned as having a "slow beginning". While much of the story stays the same and starts in a distant past, I've made some modifications as I go through the story itself, especially once the story catches up to "modern day".

For the world called Velidara, humans who come from Earth ever so infrequently become Heroes; and the best one of the Heroes will be a Champion. But, this world is flawed, and Heroes are given this way into the world from Earth, for a reason.
The deities know, the one head deity has betrayed them all. In an ancient action with the very first Champion, this deity was sealed for millennia. Yet, he still exists and will soon return to start up his old ways.
The ancient wizards of old are no more, having vanished and taking all their magic and lore with them; only the deities who remain can affect this world now. But these gods and goddesses also await a coming Champion who can complete the job left unfinished, and take on a mad god when he wakes....


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