The Edge of the World

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The Edge of the World
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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2019


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To the Edge of the WORLD will I chase them!
Through the fires of damnation itself will I run!
Come the rains, the tides, the floods!
I pursue them for JUSTICE!
And I will not be forgotten.
--Excerpt from "The Folly of Man" Author Unknown.

The most powerful person in the world stood on the precipice of Apotheosis. So great was their power that with a single wave this person felled empires that stood for millenia. When they stormed the Mountain of the Gods they had arrayed with them the combined might of a thousand peoples... and they were refused.

The deities cast them down and barred them from the power they once held, citing hubris and arrogance as lessons yet to be learnt by mankind. Thus legends ended, heroes died, and hope faded.

Thousands of years after the loss of magic in all its glory the world has forgotten it. They build towering structures of glass and steel, wield weapons forged by the million, and kill at the press of a button. The seals are breaking, and what was once impossible will cease to be so. What once was the crucible of gods and heroes will be again.
It all awaits at the Edge of the World.

(Image is the Pillars of Creation as taken by the Hubble Space Telescope)


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