The Voice Of The Soulheart

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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2019


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I I'm Luna ,a girl that like music,video-game and animals. Luckily today i got selected to be one of the few to play the game Wings of freedom, a new vrmmo that read the heart of the player to select their race most are unique race from the activity or the things people like deep in their heart.
game description : after the race analyzed, you can customize your caracter / you can't change sex normaly but if you have something deep in your heart and wished to be a girl then you maybe will get a female avatar / caracter.the same is true if you want to be a boy you will get a male caracter if it is whiting your heart.
The game grow as you grow and don't think the Npc as mindless being /most people will get surprised by their real mind emotion, dream and way more.
Just let your Wings of Freedom fly and let your heart and desire go trougth all the wall on your journey.
Join Luna in her journey to understand what the world have to offer to her and the players from all around the world.

My first ever writed story, i'm french canadian so my english is at the best ok, im a young guy that have distrust of people in general.
And i want to have a carrier in the art departement. that all about me . have a good time ^^


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