The Mysteries of Fudan, and Other Rumors From the Metaworld

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Author: vladerag
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 7
Language: English
Year started: 2019


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This is a fanfiction of the story Metaworld Chronicles and is made with the permission of the author
The deep and detailed world of Metaworld Chronicles is filled with interesting characters and magic and has a story that is excellent to say the least.
This isn't a story about the great and important adventures of the protagonist, Gwen Song. Nor is this exploring some deep and interesting idea using Wutosama's world. No, this is a collection of stories that fell through the cracks. Little bits and pieces, rumors and mysteries, that mages and NoM's alike gossip about and speculate on.
Sometimes silly, sometimes sexy, sometimes a little tragic, and maybe even sometimes a bit horrific- these stories are sure to entertain a bored mage in a world without internet!
A word about Wutosama: I never intended to write this. A bunch of smaller fanfics that might contain scenes that could be described as a bit... steamy... But when I asked Wutosama for permission, he said yes, and then asked me if it would be a sexy fanfic. And of course, once the idea had been brought up- once the cat was out of the bag- I couldn't just let it go. I asked myself, "what kinds of misadventures could occur in a world like this?" and the next thing I know, I'm writing about Richard being invited to a party and getting an eyeful of more than he bargained for.
Wutosama, behold Pandora's box, and know that you have opened it. Beware the monsters that spring forth, because at this point I have simply too many ideas to not write at least some of them down!


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