Stargazing and Moonlighting

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Stargazing and Moonlighting
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Author: kohr
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 2
Language: English
Year started: 2019


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 8932
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A story told from the perspective of the inheritors of the bloodline of the Solus family, separated into parts. Think JoJo's Bizzare adventure, but, well, not good.
The series exists in a world of sci-fi, magic, superheroes, and so much else and any definition of those concepts. From cannibalistic druids with bone-lasers to world-altering superbeings, pretty much everything is here in this universe.
I: The Wayfarer
The first part stars the progenitor of the 'new' Solus bloodline, Arcadia, also known as Arc. He works as a navigator and technician for a magical ship.
With his meager skill for the rare 'Soul Magic', and his monstrous talent with coding, he successfuly creates an extremely powerful artificial intelligence, forever ingraining it into his next incarnations.
However, there is a reason why AI hasn't taken over this universe, and an abberation like Arc will be caught in due time. Can he use the powerful abilities of magic and technology to find refuse?
II: The Technomancer
(Synopsis will be decided when I begin work on this part)
III: The Universalist
(Synopsis will be decided when I begin work on this part)
IV: The Strategist
(Synopsis will be decided when I begin work on this part)

More to come in the future, perhaps. Each part won't be too long, mostly to conclude the story of one character instead of world changing events. Reincarnation will be a consistent theme. Don't be surprised if the protagonist suddenly dies, however, I probably won't do that.

I do not own the cover.


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