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Ergon V
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Author: Ken Raynous
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 28
Language: English
Year started: 2019


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In a not so distant future, five teenagers are selected for an advanced antiterrorist unit, having to balance their personal lives with their new responsibilities to avoid world chaos.

--- Opening ---

  1. A world on the verge of a new world war due to lack of resources has found a way to generate clean, self-sustaining energy. Nuclear plants all over it have been reused on the basis of this miraculous discovery conducted by the global conglomerate Cytek.
    This company has recently expanded its horizons and developed mass consumption products such as cybernetic limb prostheses, their latest success. However, media from all over the world claim it has secretly developed vehicles, weapons, and many other military-grade prototypes.
    From terrorist groups to entire nations, everyone seeks to seize these new technologies. In an effort to curb the recent worldwide raid of violence and terror, the United Nations has endorsed the questioned “Sentinels” initiative, a global military force funded by the world’s most powerful nations.
    Everyone believes this project has been carried out only by the enormous pressure exerted by international financial capital. What no one suspects, what no one even imagines, is the dark origin behind these new technologies, capable of completely changing the course of humanity...

--- Concept ---
It's Power Rangers meets The Dark Knight: a more mature take on the concept of the popular kids’ show aimed at young adults, packed with military-like/martial arts action, unforgettable characters and classic elements from thrillers. Just imagine the difference between the 60s’ Batman TV show and the recent Nolan movies, both having the same basic concept…
In strictly literary terms, this novel will appeal to those who enjoy thrillers with techno, military and political elements (Barry Eisler, Vince Flynn or Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six; Deus Ex: Icarus Effect would be a good example since the Deus Ex universe, particularly its setting and atmosphere, is one of my greatest sources of inspiration), those who read novels for young adults with teenagers facing life or death situations (The Hunger Games), and those who are fascinated by the world of Anime (Sword Art Online: Phantom Bullet, All you need Is Kill or Fate/Zero; Neon Genesis Evangelion, although not a light novel, would be an excellent example, especially when it comes to its partial school setting and the psychological dilemmas the characters face throughout the story). Finally, this story has its share of character-driven and building-towards-big-events plot style reminiscent of one of my favorite literary sagas, A Song of Ice and Fire.

--- Publication ---
The manuscript of the first two out of three books of Vol.1 are already complete, although the corresponding revisions are of course still pending, and right now I'm working on the last one along with the first book of Vol.2, not to mention I already have a clear idea of where the overall story is going. The chapters will be published between 2 and 3 times per week depending on their length (which varies between 2500 and 4000 words approximately). There will be a break of one week between books and 2 weeks between volumes so that I will be able to accommodate things as best as possible without rushing while maintaining a constant line of publication to avoid falling in long hiatus periods.
PS: The design of the cover is mine, but the illustration is a montage between two images that aren't mine.
PS2: Since English is not my native language, any kind of constructive criticism around this aspect of my prose will be welcomed.


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