Ekalius Online

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Ekalius Online
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Author: Etzuerm
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 58
Language: English
Year started: 2019


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 8931
Rank by popularity: 9133
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In the year 2230, a man found himself kicked out of the company he helped elevate to the top. Elecur, a multibillion-dollar company hired him to help them solidify their foundation in the upcoming VRMMORPG Garius Online.

The game would forever change the lives of everyone in the Alliance of Nations. Hiding a secret that even after 15 years had not been found. With the Saints Trials starting, Elecur could no longer afford the risk and kicked the man out of the company.

Not knowing why, he was fired, the man devoted himself to finding out the truth. Before he could even begin, he was murdered in cold blood.

On a planet far away four lifeforms came together to change the man’s future. With their motive unknown to everyone but themselves they turned back time.

Leo awoke 15 years in the past, confused and unable to understand what happened. Murdered in his past life, he decided that this one would be different. Thinking that reincarnating would help him become the number one expert in Garius Online, he suddenly found himself facing yet another roadblock.

The game he knew was no more, yet another one took its place. Similar, yet different, he must once again find his own way. With the game being his best hope at a better life and only hope of finding out why he died, he resolutely started his second chance at life.

With his past knowledge giving him a guiding hand, he would enter Ekalius Online and change his future. With the world remaining so similar, yet still so different, how will he complete his goal of uncovering the truth behind the Saints Trials?


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