Druidic Cultivation

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Author: Laevo
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 64
Language: English
Year started: 2019


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Rank by rating: 8924
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A young druid boy was betrayed by humanity and, after losing all that he held close to his heart, discarded his humanity to reincarnate as a tree. Using the potent magic he'd learned within his grove of druids, he was able to skip through the cycle of sarasama, a feat only possible due to his outstanding talent in magic. Unforutately for him, however, the heavens do not like it when humans encroach on their territory.
After being smited, the young boy was once again reborn as a human and forced to walk the road he'd been assigned. Without knowing why, Feng Jiao was born with the determination to resist the heavens. This time, however, he was going to do it as a cultivator who strived for immortality and the atainment of godhood.


  1. Many of the tags I clicked may not come into effect for some time, or ever, but are something I am considering heavily when it comes to adding to the story.
  2. I wear many hats and do not always write frequently. I'm sure this will get regular updates during the new story high, but I do not know where it will go from there. This is my first time attempting to write xianxia and I am doing so to practice my writing craft and expand my skillset.


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