Slightly Dead

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Author: DreadedSky
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 5
Language: English
Year started: 2019


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 8922
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Death. It is a weird concept. Those who promised they would conquer the world, Those who head out on adventures with their friends, they will all one day cease to exist. Death is fair, No matter who you are you will always die...So why haven't I? Name...Name...What was it again? Oh right, it was Axle. I don't remember the significance of it, nor do I care to remember the origin of it. Immortality has both its benefits and disadvantages, no matter what one thing that never dies, apart from me, Is my boredom. Sure watching people I know and my loved one slowly die in front of me, while I no longer increase a year in age passed 21, does sting slightly but like everything else, It heals over time. I have tried a multitude of things to test my immortality, no I am not suicidal, just bored really. I was constantly plagued by boredom until that one fateful day where I had so damn much to do. Land started to disappear and eventually so did the land around me. The system had launched.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello! Author here! I needed an outlet for all my crazy Ideas so here I am. I am planning to fuel all my ideas into the system that I plan to implement in this novel. Please, feel free to leave any criticism you may have (Don't worry my feelings can take it!) Anyways, I hope you enjoy!


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