The Secrets of the Ancient Cultivators

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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2019


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IMMORTAL CULTIVATION! The path to Enlightenment, longevity and shaping the fabric of the Universe itself! Both Beasts and Plants aim to transcend mortality and ultimatetly become a Deity able to create a World on their own. Insight and Wisdom, Power and Might, Guile and Politics are all need and only the few succeed.
The Human the Beast that is not like any other Beast! Unlike their cousins Monkeys and Apes, Humans are considered as something apart from Beast Cultivators. Seperated, yet deeply connected to the Plants and Beast Factions, the Human Faction are the oddity of the Cultivation World. All three of the Great Factions search for the Answer : Who were the Ancient Cultivators? And what did they do to the Humans?
Meet Ji Long a wandering Scholar stranded on a unknown World. On a Quest to find a way home, setting of a chain of events that will shed a light on the Origins of Cultivation itself, it will also rekindle his old Dreams of Immortality. However unraveling ancient Secrets brings him unwanted attention of the seedy underbelly of the three Great Factions. Will he survive the onslaught of Beast, Humans and Plants after his life? Or will one of his Allies finish where he failed? No matter what the Truth has to be unearthed no matter the price...
This is my first attempt to write a Xianxia-style story, well any story to be fair. Please be kind as this is my first attempt at writing and English is not my first language. Help with improving my writing is therefore really appreciated.


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