Dragon spirit

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Dragon spirit
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Author: harone09
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 5
Language: English
Year started: 2019


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a guy from earth dies and is reborn is a fantasy world, he will have to grow stronger step by step in a place that is similar to an eastern fantasy, he will have his own perks, but it is not really that powerfull to make him dominate everything, just enough to be one step ahead of his enemies
i want him to have it a little rough but in the end he will win or maybe not, it depends on the flow and my mood
please don't expect a steady update or something like that, ican't promise you a thing, feed back would be nice, the writing would be rough, so i will do a rewrite of the story once i reach 50 chapters or so
i will try to write 50 chapters at least no matter how much time it takes, and remember nice or bad feed back is nice, it may help me write better, and critique is welcome

cover not mine just found it on google and thought this guy could very well be my mc at 18-20 years of age.


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