Cycles of Power

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Cycles of Power
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Author: Emliss
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 17
Language: English
Year started: 2019


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Wild dungeons spread and conquered the world. Armies could not hold back the infinite hordes of spawned monsters. For thousands of years, the sentient races eked out survival in the corners of the world. Only the infighting between the savage dungeons allowed the sentient races to outlive these dark ages. Out of this struggle, adventurers were forged. By conquering weaker dungeons, adventurers discovered how to capture life energy to perform great feats of strength and create magic.
Now, adventurers pushed back some dungeons, allowing the population to increase. But with rising numbers comes new factions, greed, and war.
Riva is a sentient dungeon trying to survive and remember with her tragic past. But no one can exist in isolation. Will Riva be able to survive the adventurers and intrigue to come? Will she ever reclaim her past and secure a future?

This is my first fiction. I have a lot of plot points and world building complete. Constructive critisicm is very welcome. I am more concerned with quality over quantity so I am going to stick to at least one chapter a week (with more if I have time). This fiction will also eventually diverge from normal dungeon core series. Hope you enjoy!


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