The Rising of the Shield Hero - Rewrite

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Author: Framed
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 5
Language: English
Year started: 2019


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 8833
Rank by popularity: 7739
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This is a story about Naofumi Iwatani, a 20-year-old Japanese guy who, after finding a mysterious book in a library, gets summoned to another world to fight off a recurring phenomenon called "The Waves of Calamity", and finds himself, along with three others, equipped with one weapon each, Naofumi's "weapon" being a shield.
After being summoned to another world to fight, how will this other world receive them? And of course, how will Naofumi fight when he can only defend?

This is a story based on Aneko Yusagi's "The Rising of the Shield Hero" Light Novel. This story came to be after I began getting increasingly bored of the original series since it left its initial premise after volume 5 of the Light Novel.
This also aims to fix a lot of personal gripes with the original series post-volume 4, mostly to do with power levels, pacing and scale of later conflicts.
So, if you liked the original premise for this story and wanted to see something more grounded compared to the later parts of the story, then this is definitely for you!


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