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IQ 100+ Samoyed
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Author: Isekau
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 3
Language: English
Year started: 2019


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 8820
Rank by popularity: 12087
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Eden, a white-furred samoyed dog, named by her slightly mentally ill owner that goes by the name of Eva Numair who was- no, is, highly intelligent for an animal. Her brain functions at the level of a fifth grader thanks to the guidance of Eva, as the old woman had thought her dog was her deceased granddaughter, thus had homeschooled her "granddaughter" since the age of three (for Eden, it was about a few months old). Eden dies of old age at 13 and has been transported to another world. One that defies the logic and theory of Earth, it was an age of knights and magic, quite similar to the medieval era.
Eden, the now former samoyed dog, reborn as a demon with wolfish eyes and teeth has to find a purpose for living and navigate through this strange new world without any cheats or systems. Watch her make stupid, yet adorkably charming mistakes as she attempts to befriend creatures of different races.

(Beware of Yuri.....) (also, picture not mine) WARNING Slow pace story(by my standards) (No prologue)
Please be aware this is my first fiction and horrible spelling, grammar, characters, world-building, and the plot will either be trashy or amateur-like. Feel free to give suggestions or feedback, please.


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