Reality - Last Light

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Reality - Last Light
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Author: MattGoldwin
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 4
Language: English
Year started: 2019


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 8776
Rank by popularity: 4088
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“Tell me, who are you?” asked the interrogator as he got over his fear to approach the man sitting motionless in front of him.“…”Looking straight into his eyes brought about an intense feeling of terror. With sweat flowing down his forehead, the interrogator was nervously walking around trying to make him talk. A few more minutes in this room meant certain death and he knew it.“How many of you are in our world? What is your aim?”“… Your questions are boring. Can I leave now?”“If you answer at least one question I will not bother you anymore.”“Alright. Ask away.”“What is your purpose here?”“What I seek in this world is but chaos and destruction. In order for me to accomplish my mission, a great calamity must fall upon this world, one so great that even the hidden god couldn’t prevent it. If you still hold love for those you call your family, you will leave this place in this instant and go as far away as possible.”The words of this man managed to soak the interrogator to the bones in a cold terror. In front of him was not a single man but an infinitely powerful being. “I will take my leave now. Take care of yourself, interrogator.”The metal shackles that bounded him broke apart as he simply got up.


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