Cornucopia of Hope

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Status: Ongoing
Releases: 10
Language: English
Year started: 2019


Rating: -
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The graduating class of Hope's Peak Academy has been kidnapped sometime after their graduation ceremony. They wake up in a beautiful, plush mansion with no idea where they could be other than the name Our Mansion of Plenty. The physical barriers of steel plates and locked doors might not be enough to cage them, if it weren't for the malicious mechanical fairy calling itself The Fey and ruling their new lives with an iron--albeit tiny--fist.
While being kidnapped is bad enough, the fact that this fairy brat is telling them to kill each other is definitely worse. Apparently, murdering one of your fellow victims is the only way to get out of this luxurious mansion.
But nobody would do that...right?

Cornucopia of Hope is a non-canon killing game completely alienated from the the canon universe of the Danganronpa games. The things borrowed from the games are as followed: Hope's Peak Academy, and the structure of 16ish hyper-skilled teenagers trapped in an enclosed space and being subjected to a motive, a murder, an investigation, a trial, and an execution of the presumed killer. There are no spoilers, tie ins, or previous knowledge required of the series to read this story!


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