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Author: Lkjfdsay1
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 16
Language: English
Year started: 2017


Rating: -
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Strikers. Elite healers, warriors, assassins, mages; the best of the best. A single one is known to be able to bring a kingdom to ruin, unless that kingdom has a striker of its own. Over the years, almost every kingdom of any strength has focused on recruiting strikers to their cause; for what use is building an army, when it can all be destroyed by a single enemy?

Aelin has been trained by strikers since birth, to be the perfect weapon. His talents far surpassed his masters' expectations, and in just fourteen years he could easily defeat three hundred of the best strikers in each of their respective areas of talent (though it is unlikely that that many would gather, unless all the kingdoms of the world united against him), and twice as many if he tried hard enough. However, he is a weapon; he was taught nothing of emotions. Anger, fear, hatred, love; though he still feels them, he no longer knows what they mean.

The strikers that raised him are no longer loyal to their cause; though they are known to be cold and emotionless, after raising Aelin,(or Len, as they call him, other than an annoya-"WHAT!?" errr, a genius who called him Ale, due to being drunk, like he alwa-"HUH!?" errr, due to being drunk, a rare occurrence. sigh, what a-"WHAT DID YOU SAY!?" GET OUT OF HERE, YOU DRUNK FOOL!!! I'M TRYING TO NARRATE!!! I DON'T CARE IF YOU'RE PROTECTED BY THE FOURTH WALL!!! DO YOU WANT ME TO ERASE YOU FROM EXISTENCE!?!? ahem, back to the summary...)(So, where was I...) became attached, and began to view him as their own son. So, what happens when this ahem emotionally challenged boy, raised by people with no common sense, enters the outside world?

(A/N Sorry if it's too long, or bad, or not funny, or doesn't make sense. I'm not good at writing synopsi-synopsises- err, synopsii?)

Harem is a probable outcome, marked it just in case; Gore is a possibility, marked it just in case. This is essentially a retry at writing a story that I wrote before.

The beginning of this story is heavily inspired by Kel Kade's King's Dark Tidings series, but the rest of the story isn't really.


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