Worm: Hemorrhage

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Worm: Hemorrhage
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Author: Faber Write
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 28
Language: English
Year started: 2019


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 8710
Rank by popularity: 8151
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  • Credits of world go to Worm, along with system inspirations from The Gamer, The New World, The tale of Randidly Ghosthound, and The Stone-hearted Enchanter *
    Stories of heroes flood televisions and windows in Brockton bay, performing feats of great strength, but for Noah Hill, they were secondhand to his present pursuit in life. His greatest masterpiece! The piller that would cast a shadow over the rest of his life! His!...economics degree. Having spent the better part of his young life studying, Noah had been ready to live a dull life, trapped in a office job with Fugly Bob's on the side. However, during the fervor of studying into the night, again, Noah finds himself forced to give the craft a shot.
  • Chapters will be updated when highschool may allow me time to be free from torment and agony *
  • By no means do I believe that I am a good writer, though I would think to be a voracious reader... this is my first try at writing, please respond and criticize so that I may learn from my mistakes in writing *


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