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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2017


Rating: -
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[Probably the darkest story I've written with high schoolers as the cast. Is slow at for with minor gore but by the end of the first arc you'll probably not want to eat while reading.]

In our world a rift exists that leads to the realm of the fey. Every once in a while the rift opens and allows the winged creatures to come into our world only to be seen by those with a curse or a gift. The sight is what we call it and those who have it know about the world that exists right beneath us and the cruel games the "innocent" mythicals play. Kidnapping human children is the just the beginning, they have a taste for the flesh to...

Koko had no idea about this world until the death of her younger brother at the hands of a starved fey brought it into her mind. Now she's vengeful and ready to destroy any faerie, troll, unicorn in sight now knowing their true demonic nature. But what can she truly do with the sight only making her seem driven mad by grief and others with the gift telling her to give in? And with the urge to join the fey growing can she even truly trust herself?


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