Haunting history

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Author: EirAzure
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 2
Language: English
Year started: 2019


Rating: -
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Humans have already forgotten. If they wished to know, the easiest would be to ask the werebeasts. What caused all the hatred between races? Why are there those who look like humans doing their all to eradicate humankind?-You did it. You started it by sealing the strongest. Then starting a war against the others. But you only managed a draw. Even if it was a thousand years ago, it is only a couple of generations for some demonkin. Still less than ten for elves and dwarves.-Us? We were slaves. But once we became free you at least let us be free. Not like how you chased the others until they had to hide.-What this has to do with the attacks? It's those you sealed that have come back now. You should have known that no spell lasts forever. But you even forgot about it all!While it was still mostly peaceful, in the student city of Rsinna, a youngster finds a collapsed girl with no memories. Quickly recovering her memories might be the only way the distant country of Enthrodtia has to find some clues to all this.

//I'll just say that focus will stay in Rsinna for quite some time, before moving to any larger plot...
//And I'll appreciate any advice/critics on my writing as well as all comments



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