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The Mechanism Transcript
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If you already have begun reading; I apologize, if you are yet to begin; I warn you, this is an exercise in depravity. Anyway, it is a story about humans and their destiny – if we were to learn anything from our history; it is that depravity is our essence, and every cruelty you can imagine has already been carried out.
I promised myself never to shy away from anything with the potential for bringing this project forward in the manner it needed to be – I wanted to find the boundaries of art and move them. I am not promoting the subject matters handled in this work; many of which are as far away from my personal values as could be.
I searched the darkest nooks and crannies of my mind, looking for those things that truly scared and disgusted me. This was not something enjoyable, and I am afraid I damaged my soul in the process. Oh, how I long for oblivion.
The world is dying, and the gods are fighting the godless over its destiny. Woman or man, king or queen, warrior and slave alike; they will all play their part at the end of the world – until the light takes them . . .



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